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Decideus in containers

Liściaste w pojemnikach

Decideus plants in containers are a great material for every person who appreciates an artistic space arrangement and values some variety of a composition.

Coniferous in containers

Iglaste w pojemnikach

Coniferous plants in contaainers are perfect fit for patios, balcoonies, porches as well as for gardens. You can plant them any time of the year.

Coniferous bare root

Iglaste z gruntu

Ornamental decideus trees and bushes make your garden look beutyful for the whole year. Compose your own set of plants to create the special garden.

Decideus bare root

Liściaste z gruntu

Decideus bare root bushes can be planted seperately or used to create an orginal composition consisting of plants of different size or blossom’s colour.

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